Cloudflare can increase the site’s speed

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare’s content broadcast network (CDN) is its most well-known feature. This allows websites to load web pages faster. This is done by saving your cache. Cloudflare integrates other technologies to improve security and performance.
Cloudflare default settings are very reliable, even if you’re new to it. You can make fine adjustments to get better results, as every website is different.
This guide will help you choose the right settings for your website.

Before you begin

This guide and Cloudflare will help you improve the performance of your website. You should do this slowly. This will allow you to avoid any problems that may arise from changes you make.

Tl; DR

You can make minor adjustments for those who don’t want to deep dive or aren’t interested in cold feet. You can only make the following changes to the default settings:

DNS – Only allow proxy for your domain name or www registration. If you activate the proxy for any other reason, it can cause errors, especially if you are registering to an external server.
SSL / TLS – set on full
Speed – Get Brotti to ON

Here’s everything you need about cloudflare if you’re a new customer.

There are many options within the cloud control panel. I will only focus on those that require special attention. If you don’t ask for anything else, just leave it as default.

1. DNS
After you have updated the name servers at Cloudflare this tab should automatically populate from your records.
You don’t normally need to modify the settings. Setting your domain name and recording www.Proxied are two things I recommend. These records are often a cname record.
Click on the gray cloud to change the proxy. The cloud icon should turn orange once it is indicated. The proxy can be activated to hide the origin of the server.

2. SSL / TLS
Company – While not very helpful for improving the site’s performance, an incorrect setting can cause unintentional damage. Particularly, if your site is not working properly, you should avoid using the “full (strict).” mode. This option should be set to “complete” unless you have an excuse not to.
EDGE certificates – Enable “always uses https” and “automatic https writing”. This is especially useful if your SSL status is experiencing issues due to mixed content errors.

3. Firewall
Firewall is designed to improve the security of your website. If you are going to use Firewall rules, I suggest that you first check the web traffic. You will soon see what is suspicious and what is not.
You can block certain IP addresses or intervals of IP address that you suspect to be suspicious by creating a rule. Add the IP address to the rule and indicate what to do if the IP attempts to access your site. If you’re not certain that the IP address is malicious or bot-controlled, set the action as “challenge”.

4. Speed
This section is the most interesting for most users. It does not include any paid options. Depending on how the site is used, there are some useful options.
You must activate the URL if you use AMP. This will prevent your mobile visitors from seeing strange Imps ed. Amp adds a few weird extensions to URLs and allows this problem to be fixed.
Brotli can help you compress. Make sure you are using it. Although Rocket charger sounds great technically, I find it causes problems with WordPress sites.
The reduction in cost is amazing, but it all depends on how your site is configured. Do not activate the code if you have already performed it with your site. Minimization is a good thing, but you can’t double the function.

5. caching
It should work as it is if you use the correct cache, but it’s best to change it from time to time. You can purify your cache if you make any changes to your site or notice that it isn’t yet available online.

6. Network
HTTP / 2 should default be enabled. However, if it isn’t and it is stopped, you can activate it. It is theoretically better to use HTTP / 3. If you have the option, go for it. It’s faster and more reliable than http/2, while still offering great features.

7. The shield should be removed
Hotlink protection is the only thing you should be aware of when considering free plans. Although it may seem simple in theory, it can often require some adjustments on your web host to make it work properly. It will often cause more headaches than it’s worth.
This is not the best way to protect your server.

8. Applications
It is very useful in many situations, but I believe it works best if you have a WordPress website. These plugins allow you to expand functions which is great, but it also increases the server’s pregnancy.
Cloudflala’s applications can be used instead of running them from your own server. You can find a lot of them for everything, including online store applications and support for paypal payments.

Final thoughts: It takes all
There are many ways to think about the performance of an improvement site. Some people place a particular emphasis on TTFB while others seek to optimize the site’s use of resources.
Personal experience has taught me that you must work hard to get the green light for performance. Performance improvement changes can only give you small stimuli at speed or efficiency.
Combining them will give you the best results. CDN and Cloudflare allow you to do a lot with one package. You should also be aware of your web host.
After signing up, this is something that you can’t control. This is why it’s important to do some research before you make any decisions about the server’s response time or other issues that you depend on your web host for.

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