How much does it cost to get a domain name for your site?

A web domain, or a web name, is a sequence of alphanumeric characters that are followed or any other higher-level extension.

Two or more domain names can be separated by points. The left side is specific and the right is general. For example, ‘ is a domain name.
What is the domain name of your web site?

Your company’s is the name you use to identify your company on the Internet.

Online, where objects such as the catalog, light company, and sales representatives are not available, the name of the company is much more important.

It’s used to send e-mail addresses to employees ([email protected]), and the name of the official website (

This is what customers will see first when you send them an e-mail. It’s the same as how customers will see the company or showcase before they decide whether or not to enter.

A good name will add personality to your company online and make it easy for potential customers to find this site. It is important that the domain name you choose be easy to remember and read. You must act quickly if you don’t know the domain name. It may not be available when you need it.

Internet addresses are used to communicate with each resource. It is a string of unique numbers such as These numbers are difficult to remember especially when there are multiple addresses. The names were created because of this. Each domain name actually has an IP address behind. A domain name like has a database that is used to create an IP address.
Why do we need a domain name?

Although there are many reasons to have an Internet domain, we will only focus on the most important.

Your domain name is key to establishing an online brand. It will help you establish an online identity. You must choose the RO or the extension you desire. This will allow you to grow a strong, increasing website traffic.

However, Nicmen anyone else can’t use the domain to build their business or write about you. This is possible for an offline business without a website. The chances of someone else recording a website with your name are very high.

Your confidence in your products increases when you have a Domain Name. A unique domain name ( has more credibility than a free website such as Your company’s reputation is at risk, so it is important to invest in your online presence.

A website makes it easier for potential customers to find you. Even if you do not have a business, you can still create a website that displays your contact information, physics address, and location on the map. This will make it easier for potential customers to find you in your store.

The field is registered with a specific web domain supplier. However, this does not mean you can’t change the supplier at any time. We are referring to the hosting side. This is the web space that contains all files on the site (photos and documents). The site will be saved. It is easy to change the DNS and then move the site to the new furnaces server.

You can also register the field online to protect your identity and allow you to write for your brand. This will reduce the chance that someone steals your image.
How to use domain names

A domain name is a way to establish an online identity. It can be used in many ways.

Website – A website that is created using the domain name is the most popular mode of use.

Email extensions – RO domains, as well as domains with any other extensions can be used to create professional email addresses ([email protected]). Customers will be more confident in you if they know you are giving them more importance than if they have a Yahoo account.

Name the server – You can even name a server with your domain names (eg

You may now have a better understanding of domains and why it is important to register them as soon as you can. You have made the decision to register the domains. Choose a memorable, easy-to-remember name and make sure it is well-executed. It is best to for Romanian-based online shops,.com for international ones, for blogs. For education, you can go with something more familiar. Every day, new fields are added. You can choose the name of your domain and an extension to signify your business, such You can choose to use your name, your company name or a different name when choosing the field. These fields allow you to register on certain IP addresses that enable internet communication. IPs are used to locate each resource. They can be found in the form 53.854.256.2. The fields were created because of their complexity and difficulty in remembering. The domain name is the one that can actually be seen on the site, and not the ip.

How do I register a domain name?

You can register an area and get the right to use the domain in the online environment. Most cases, particularly for businesses at the beginning, require that a web domain be registered for one year. After that, you will need to renew the domain annually. You could previously buy a domain name for life. However, they are now renewed each year starting in 2018.

Once you have chosen the name for your site address you will need to verify that it is still available. You can view certain areas of the Internet by using the WHOIS query.
What is the cost of domain registration?

It starts at 50 lei per annum and can go up to several thousand Euros if it includes keywords or is in a highly sought-after area.

The annual cost of the chosen field is not included. However, the cost to host the package starts at 100 lei per annum depending on how much memory you have. If the website address works, you can have areas recorded for nothing. It’s like renting a store space, but the customers can’t buy from you.

How long does field registration take?

They are instantly recorded after you have confirmed the payment for fields. It takes several hours for the site to be propagated on the Internet.

You can choose to purchase a domain name directly from a supplier or through an agency. The registration will be done on behalf of the final customer. This could be on your behalf, or on behalf your company.

International extensions (I,COM, Info) registration data can be made public. This is after payment of an additional tax. The registration data are available only to legal persons.
What happens if I don’t pay for domain extension?

If the payment terms for the extension of the purchased areas have been extended exceeds, the client will be placed in quarantine for between 30-90 days, depending on how long the extension was granted and who registered them. The client will have time to pay any outstanding invoices to extend the areas and to not lose them. Website will be unavailable during the quarantine period.

If the extension is not paid within this time, the field will be freed and everyone will be able to register it.

Hosting packages are a bit more straightforward. If you don’t pay your hosting invoice on time, your website will not be accessible and will not be made operational after payment.

Is it possible to transfer domains to other people?

You can transfer the fields to another person using a process that you can find here at the transfer rights of use. Although there are no costs involved in the transfer, an email request to the company that registered the domain is required.

There are however, international extensions like FR, IT, or that require additional taxes to be paid in order to transfer rights.

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