What is Cloudflare and what does it do?

What is clouding?

Cloudflare helps protect and speed up any website. Cloudflare allows any website to become a member of the Cloudflar network. All traffic from that website will be routed through this network’s infrastructure, which is worldwide. This improves web pages’ response times, so visitors have the fastest possible time loading a page. Cloudflare blocks abusive access and robot traffic to ensure that server resources are not wasted.

What is the secret to it?

Cloudflare technology can be described as a CDN (Content Delivery Network), however, it is based on a cloud system which uses servers from various locations around the world. Cloudflare is a proxy server that displays the cached site from the nearest visitor when accessing the site to provide faster loading speeds.

Traffic will be routed through the cloud-flow network. This will speed up the loading of pages using several methods such as routing to the most efficient routes, compressing data packages, and caching.
Your site’s loading speed can be improved to increase visitor engagement and encourage them to return often.

Cloudflare stores a copy of the site in a cache. In this way, in the unlikely event that the server is unavailable, the site won’t have to go down. There are two options: display the site from the cache or display a maintenance message for visitors.

Cloudflare can also protect your site from SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scriping, Spam Comments and SQL Injection attacks. The technology analyzes data from Project Honey Can and other sources to determine online threats to your site. Cloudfre can prevent an attack from happening by monitoring traffic.

Cloudflare statistics show that the site loads 30% faster and uses up to 65% less bandwidth (traffic).

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